Oxyd'Arthe; the extreme Vintage just for you !

by Claudio Di Forti



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After the great success of Nobilis, which was the introduction of the real innovative Metal decorative element, this year at Made Expo Spiver launched Oxyd'Arthe, the real metal oxidation that distorts the concept of vintage style. Not only Cor - Ten but also the chromatic mixture effects among oxides.




OxyD'Arthe is shown with two types of oxidation: Iron and Copper, but the real innovation is the “mix” of the two metals being able to create oxidized colors never seen before, the charm of the enchanting red rust green copper. The key point of OxyD'Arthe is the artistic potential, in fact the textures aren’t imposed by the chemical reaction but it is exactly the opposite ... it is the “chemical” to the interior design service. The decorator or architect can freely design the gradations of the two oxides using boundless imagination. OxyD'Arthe extremes Vintage style, with an effect that actually contains within itself the LIVE perception of the "passed time" an addition element to the eye and touch, which creates real Emotion.





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