The Infinite forms of Andrew Tuguzhekov's Marbles

by Claudio Di Forti




He is known as Andrew Tuguzhekov, a master decorator who comes from Russia, distinguished by his genius and unique mastery in creating and applying real works of art in very important projects of interior design. Specialised in the sector of wall decoration, Andrew has in recent years experienced new application techniques, especially with lime paste, which surprising recreates the metamorphic marble rock. This what we want to talk about. In the field of decorative paint for many think of "the effect Marble effect" as a real texture, but the real strength of Andrew is to undermine this concept and give primordial Three-dimensionality to the Texture.




We can define it as a revolution, strongly related to the history; a constant link to the sculptures of the Renaissance, which revolutionised the history of Art. We all in fact, regard marble as plastic iconography rather than the simple dimensionless wall covering. Colours, shapes and proportions of his creations you can define real sculptures, alongside the new interior design style trends, the "3D Wall", with simple but essential difference that the works of Andrew have the added value of ' artistic craftsmanship, everything else is just industrial taxation.








Andrew Tuguzhekov uses for his creations: 

Encausto Fiorentino

New Concept Effect Travertino


Line Decorative ARTHE by SPIVER



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